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What is Pog NFT?

Pog NFT s are the official cryptocurrency for the World Pogger Federation and will fuel the ecosystem within the game and give global brands an opportunity to engage with players. Pog, The Game You Collect first explored this concept with the release of trading cards featuring artwork of popular characters like Pogman and more than 100 licensed brands.

Players of the Game

In the NFT video game, players can use different elements to earn coins and cash. For example, players can collect potions and items and trade them with other players. In addition, players can earn NFTs by defeating other players. Each game has its own rewards system. Hence, it's important to learn about the game rules and get familiar with its mechanics.

World Pogger Federation

The World Pogger Federation plans to create a cryptocurrency called Pog NFTs. These coins will fuel the World Pogger Federation ecosystem and provide a way for global brands to engage with their fans. The idea behind Pog NFTs was first explored when Pog, The Game You Collect was launched, and trading cards based on the popular Pogman character were released. The cards featured artwork from more than 100 licensed brands.


The Pog craze has come back, and it's launching a digital currency, the Pog NFT. The Pog cardboard coins, which were so collectible back in the 1990s, will soon be available to buy and sell online. The new currency will allow players to complete sets and compete for the prize of Pogart. What's more, these digital coins are being rolled out as part of the decentralized ecosystem known as the Web3 metaverse.

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